A Pillar That makes Relationships- Communication

One of the Pillars that make a good Relationship – COMMUNICATION.


IMG-20171216-WA0031I think the greatest failure when trying to form meaningful relationships is the lack of vulnerability that comes with communicating. If one is not honest enough about how they feel and what they think, chances are that energy will pass on to how they act.

A good example, Broken Homes.

These don’t happen overnight. why? because overtime they are a result of unmet needs and expectations that usually stem from broken or ineffective communication. If you can’t communicate, you can’t be honest, you can’t love and ultimately you can’t build trust. Sometimes we see ourselves surprised by the contrast in couples, where one may “seem” way better than the other figuratively, or we wonder how a certain man won the heart of a woman who also may seem way outside his league.  Perhaps in this situation, human psych isn’t always  convinced by the amount of  words that were exchanged and the quality in them that ultimately founded love between the two.

Too often we are quick to look at the physics, the dimension that does nothing to express true love but rather passion. At the end of the day, what any person needs is what they hear and are able to communicate to a significant other which creates room for a relationship to grow. ‘OUT OF THE ABUNDANCE OF THE HEART THE MOUTH SPEAKS’ and a tree is always identified by its fruit. Always check how you communicate with one another.

Peace and Love



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