2018 Perspective

As we go deep into the year, we take in all that is set before us, while others we are still yet to figure it out.

One thing i love about the race course is that each and everyone is running their own race. That means the only competition we have is ourselves, to be better in any way necessary from our former self,

while also taking in the reality of changing for the better, we also see the world also forming into a different era.

Image result for running the race


I have seen great leaders in Africa fall from their high seats with some saluting goodbye to their leadership with dignity. It is also not a coincidence to see black people shift to a level  of high self-worth and empowerment breaking barriers to racism and stigmatisation because of the famous movie Black Panther. It really goes to show that circles shift and tables do turn!

I believe that every season has its time as mentioned in Ecclesiastes 3, and as there is good there is also bad.  We find ourselves caught up in seasons unlike never before which bring about remarkable people quite like  Barack Obama or my former President Robert Mugabe. In their own significant way they have made a perceived memory in the human minds and that we will never forget.

As the world evolves, i believe people are also evolving, systems are changing, we are not surprised by the millions of churches that have immersed  and who knows maybe  more human robots are going to gain citizenship amongst people. We can only hope that at a personal level we are caught up in the right space and right time to receive a portion of good that belongs to us according to the will of God.



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