Is He/She Qualified?

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What are some of the qualities you look for in a potential somebody?

In no respective order, these are answers i have gotten over the years engaging in conversation with guys and girls of my age (Oh by the way i turned 24 yesterday, happy birthday to me:)

  1. A good/great body
  2. educated 
  3. fun
  4. respectful
  5. easy-going
  6. Not too traditional
  7. christian

and the list goes on….

I would most likely pick a similar list just because those are some seemingly popular qualities. Quality is a “standard of measure of something over similar things”. We find this totally subjective because my idea of fun is unlike the next person’s idea.

Now we are not perfect to measure the level of qualification in someone else’s ideal wants and needs, but the simple thing we can do is measure our own expectations towards a potential partner.

Is He qualified?

I love outgoing, spontaneous people just because i am a very closed-in and “be about my business” type of person hence, they are a good way for me to desert my comfort zone. He is qualified because you wont find him sitting on his bed reading a novel when the premier of black panther is about to show but i might need some convincing.

What about Him being Christian?

Christianity is a term to identify what one may deem as religion. Are his qualities also qualified to produce a supportive manner that the church requires him to be or i require him to be?. These questions ought to be realistic sometimes when one evaluates them. I have come to conclude that being saved is not enough. The quality in him being christian should show in the level of wisdom and leadership. This was long ago present by Christ not just for the church to follow but specifically for men to be the ultimate example for their partners.

How do you qualify your personal person,?

You can share your views below i would love to know 😉

Peace and Love



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