Stop watching others and Grind!

This topic is a precept of a book i read years ago from one of my favourite authors Tony Gaskins, who is a life coach with years of relationship experience. Some times its better to know when you have become a little complacent attracting the wrong attention.

Image result for stop watching and grind tony gaskins

Waking up first thing in the morning, my phone is the first contact that tells me my plans for the day,

She performs a lot of functions, i dont doubt one bit i can get access to almost anything my eyes can read on,

so im here checking up on my Instagram, Facebook all the media before i decide what to do with myself.

I am convinced that she is having the time of her life because bae took her to Hawaii for a vacation #lookatus #somuchlove #goals

my ultimate goal is determined by other goals unrelated to me…

I have exchanged my attention of real for the reels..

a real life crisis..

How did i get here?

how did i ignore the signs of complacency? envy..

were did i miss the point of allowing my own work speak for its own

without having to stalk other people’s success over the phone…

She wont stop showing me all i crave to see,

my attention has shifted to the wrong kind of company.

I need to stop and grind

because all im ever going to get is nothing but a polluted mind..


Social media is real and so is envy, get back to your grind πŸ˜‰.


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