They Called me up Now what??

I sat across a table going over the same resume i sent a company, only this time my hands were shaking i barely could read what i was qualified for.


Its 2018!,  some companies are buzzing searching for new talent and and the one thing you do not want to be asking yourself is who am i, let alone what do i have..

an author once mentioned “nothing grows in your comfort zone”, as if you would have not pushed your self hard enough to attain that degree, that certificate, that skill presumed to take you to that dream job, the struggle remains real.

I had a moment to chat with candidates that were also called in and it couldn’t have been  a more terrifying experience. How do you justify your belonging in a group that seems even more qualified and determined?. Firstly,  i’m not supposed to belong, I pushed past the negative thoughts and realised i wouldn’t have been called if they didn’t see it fit and i hope maybe for you too 🙂

Secondly, you having passed the literal stage of screening means the next stage requires a whole lot of performance. More like a showcase, Image result for auditions

so effort will be required to display a certain level of character maybe amplified to suit the position you applied for.  (do you realise the investment in cosmetics some air hostesses make?). I have seen that it takes some real courage to go out there like any audition and prove confidence and ability sometimes you don’t necessarily always have.

At the end of the day, all one needs is a JOB.

If your also in this phase in life, i encourage you to not stop doing all you can to prove your position in this critical, over emphasised world of employment. Whether it’s a school interview, a new project you are being screened for,  Have faith believing what is meant for you will never pass you by if you make your requests known unto God 🙂

What have been some of your interview experiences?

Watch out for new motivational posts i will be doing this year.







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