The unfaithful wife..

IMG-20171216-WA0031I claimed him as my husband, in fact he made me his bride..

Then in my courtship i became loyal because i was filled with the excitement of actually being “someone’s wife” so I stayed.

It was all fascinating! and some amount of expectation

drove this relationship on the highway of getting it all.

It is only when reality HIT.

I would not get to see my groom,

the one who captured my heart from the beginning and

promised me all of him, all IN HIM..

My attention then shifted.

Struggling with deprivation of sense and emotion,

in exchange of earnest patience and expectation of His coming,

i got lost in what i could immediately hold.

It took hold of me, and i found my entertainment,

my short-lived dose of false expectation,

It led me searching for all things, things that ain’t true

Things that ain’t you..

Lost in lust, sprinkled with blurred anticipation,

what will i say to my Him?

I have become this unfaithful wife ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

– RKuipa

i was inspired to write this poem from Jeremiah 3 that shames Israel as the unfaithful wife… in modern-dayย how quick and easy is it to be lost in social media and other worldly distractions forgetting really who is our first love?!



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