Be woke on Purpose :)


This is probably the most spoken word i know when you engage in modern religious circles. Business, music or sport all put it in their different context to understand the ultimate goal or comprehend why we do what we do.

I myself may actually go blank to thought of having to answer to that million dollar question “what is your purpose”? because truly speaking it is a continuous enlightenment as i walk in faith.

In the previous posts i wrote about  The Vision! and The Direction! (How to get there) which gave us some ideas on how to go about what God has called us to do and i believe all this also connects to what each and every one has been purposed to do.

Purpose is the reason for being, the reason behind your creation, Simply put Why you are here!

I have come to realise that to be present doesn’t qualify us in any way but it just increases the statistics. The growth rate to population, employment/unemployment and the death rate itself. One becomes part of the people who were known to be here and eventually left due to unforeseen circumstances.

What scares me staring at my ceiling before i sleep is not what creeps in the night, but honestly dying without fulfilling what exactly im called to do on this earth. Some people say everyone has that ultimate big thing they have to do quite like our faith warriors of all time Moses, Abraham, David etc, and others say purpose you find it in your everyday walk with the Lord as he leads you to do this and do that.

on both notions i totally agree. 

I believe we all have something hidden inside of us that will only come to light when we accept the calling upon our lives whether it’s singing in the church or leading a business. Purpose starts from within. A beautiful speech i was listening to by Muniba Mazari mentioned that people will start to recognise you when you accept who you are first. You cannot live out your purpose while in denial of who you are otherwise you are living out someone elses’.

So 1. purpose comes to existence when you trust what God is saying towards your life

2.  Your purpose is real and its only you called to carry it out

3. Accept that anything other than your calling either deviates you from what you’re supposed to do or delays your progress

4. Purpose needs one to be walking in their lane and to be woke that means knowing who you are and not imitating other people

What is your  understanding about purpose?

I would recommend these  beautiful books for some one who would like to go in deep about purpose! Its life changing and personally gave me good understanding 🙂




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