Two sides to ‘You’ Coin

Have you ever felt like this is definitely not me! because on a different occasion you would most likely not act in a certain way.

Being someone who observes a lot and very self-aware, i can truly tell you of my own personal experience. Here it is..

Growing up young and free, i thought i would be a chef, a dancer or a musician,  i wanted to do all the things i enjoyed doing. Though i am still very passionate about food and cooking, i don’t know if being a dancer still fits the career criteria. One thing for sure, if i find myself in a social gathering with music were people will be having a good time, i am not that girl you find sitting at a corner and unsure. (on a good dayI am mostly like in the circle ;). 

Have you ever found yourself torn between who you are and who think you should be? two_sides_of_the_same_coin_by_black_phoenix_juliet-d3lh5nc

Your environment has you acting in a certain way but deep down you could be a different person all together given the opportunity!.

Two people in one, two personalities, two frames of reference colliding with one another when the music turns on,  or when someone snaps at you for no reason and you find yourself speaking to yourself to calm down because if they had not found you “saved” it would have been a different story, a different reaction.

How do we get to have two sides that are contrary to one another?. I understood one thing in my journey walking :

  1. either we are talking from a flesh/spirit perspective…our flesh wants what the spirit doesn’t want.  Galatians 5:17. It is a constant battle of who gets to win. The flesh craves pleasure, the spirit craves purity. Acting out on someone who hurts you by snapping back at them is a mere reflection of the flesh winning. Because keeping calm and not resorting to violence is definitely a  sign of self-control which is something of the spirit Gal 5:22, or its
  2. Old you Verse New You– i believe that God has this way of renewing us to become someone who is not who we are used to, someone unlike who we normally are. Old me used to be super jealous, cranky and reckless when it comes to relationships and when i really started to be personal with Jesus, New me wants nothing to do with jealousy and i am learning self-control in the process.
  3. Thoughts vs Intention– an author once spoke ” if you can’t resolve it in your mind, you mostly likely going to act it out unintentionally”. Simply put, if you’re not decided in you head about something, you are likely going to do it when maybe you had no intention to do it.

So note to myself,

*Be sure about who you really are. My identity is only in my Lord Jesus and sometimes i know i will be definitely acting out of character. Do not find yourself too absorbed by the wrong side of the coin because the truth is you will have moments your out of tune.

*Be consciously aware who is speaking loudly, your flesh or your spirit.

*Feed your thoughts and renew your mind set day by day with positive building things  that way you will be sure on what you intend to do.

Thanks for Reading,






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