The Vision!

I found myself seating looking at this term “Vision”…in the statement “What do you want to become?


As if i haven’t passed by it a thousand times, trying to understand and memorise it in preparation of an examination. I do know what it means and entails academically and all, it just really hit me when i realised i have probably been denying the vision of my life.

Have you ever come to that moment or place that you know you’re called to do something or you’re  not too sure. But somewhere here and there you find yourself dreaming of yourself in a situation that seems impossible in reality, or maybe it’s not impossible at all but you just seem to shove it away because then again its just a ‘dream”.

I believe God puts these ideas and bits of pieces of our reality in our heads. He brings these things to light because we are not there yet but we should be headed there. The fact that we are able to see it in dreams or as a throbbing thought in the mind over and over means we have the VISION.

A friend i conclude is now mine, came to me and said write it down. Though already the word of God tells us indeed to write it down from Jeremiah, Ezekiel even Moses himself. We see these scripts written because a vision had come! When it comes it’s not for this moment, the vision is for a time to come.

It’s beautiful that God does this on purpose. Its amazing!. How many clips and ideas have we not written down and yet they connect to the ultimate Vision?, the ultimate master plan of God’s purpose for our lives. What did we miss?, what have we chosen to write and what have we chosen to leave out?.

A Vision means there is purpose already behind it. and what i am saying today is to envision where you ought to be is the most profound thing to be able to gain. it gives you some ideas of who you really are and where you ought to be. It is not really what the reality seems to be. but if God specifically places it in your head and no one else surely you got to start working in it!

So in essence :

  1. Write it down….(whether small or big, simple or unrealistic) It is God given, Its yours!
  2. Bring out the Specifics of it…(substantiate it!,) because soon and very soon it will have to materialise.
  3. Pray about it!….(whats the point of going ahead with ideas that are not directed by God?)
  4. Own it….(Its yours, like it or not)..but of course not wanting the vision means God can always give it to someone who will carry it through because at the end of the day, God looks for those who are willing to carry the vision.

Take it seriously. God has your best interest at heart ❤




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