Kingdom Relationships #2


Relationships Originally were designed for companionship.

Often times you find that there are moments when you need comforting or just a listening ear, because as much as we may try to hold it together, some situations need some sort of comforting. Where can you find that?

When you are in a season were you have developed a relationship with some, it is important that they mostly be your friend rather than your partner. This is the time you learn each other without having sexual intimacy clouding your judgement of that person or the situation. A relationship founded in God’s original principles is a tale of companionship.

Lets look at Adam and Eve,  a “friendship” relationship was designed by God in the garden of Eden for them, though literally we know that Eve was his wife. (Genesis 2). There was peace and perfect union between the Creator, Adam and Eve while in the garden. What brings us to understand the real wife and husband situation is when they went ahead of God by disobeying him. I believe they opened themselves to a relationship outside God’s design. They opened themselves to the design of worldly sin. As a result this three union fellowship became a two people party.

God doesn’t operate in a disobedient relationship.  His will is  grounded in establishing  intimacy with him before intimacy with each other. Engaging in sex, fornication and having your own way in a relationship opens doors to these situations:

  1. mistrust
  2. unfaithfulness
  3. disloyalty
  4. outburst of anger
  5. vulnerability

But allowing God to take over a courtship/ relationship :

1. allows one to be objective.

2. improves communication.

3. Helps to guard your heart

4. creates trust

Being a companion allows a relationship to mature in a godly way giving the ability for a couple to be effective in prayer. The word of God says two can stand together in battle, but a triple braided cord is not easily broken! – Eccle 4:12

Its important to be friends, to know one another and grow in the Lord as companions before committing to husband and wife roles.

Whats your view?





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