The Weakness in me!

Sometimes when i think about my life, i think of how God has had to place all my feelings on the table flat out! for me to see and accept that i am a mess…a hot mess.!

To openly admit weakness can pose vulnerability and weakness itself. But what the hell…they may fight your flesh but they cant crush your spirit right?.

If your reading this you probably thinking what is Rufaro on about this time. Well, im sharing for the benefit of someone who may be stuck in a box right now. A box that seems like it created huge thick walls on its own right around you and you dont even know how you got in it. But now you have to get out of it!

Yes. Its unfortunate that sometimes we find ourselves in situations that expose us to little weaknesses that turn big and have covered up for so many years but never really learned how to deal with them. Over time we just manage to put a cover or plaster, one after another on a wound that actually needs exposure to heal.

The truth is that box seems quite “comfortable”. Be honest. As long as no one addresses it, well you might as well turn a blind eye to it. Right?. But time heals all wounds and it sure catches up with you. God is so interesting. To make you a mighty woman or man, a vessel for good use, somethings He will flat out expose them so that they find their way out the doorโœŒ.

Now i might have opened your imagination to my weakness. Could be more or less to what you could be going through or have dealt with, just know nothing is new under the sun!

All i pray is you let go of those high risen walls (in your space address it by name), pull them down as according to Paul (2 corint 10:4) and allow God to plainly prune those areas, that box! that weakness, that you may walk mightily as he has called you to be!..

Note : Dont accept your box as a “comfortable space”..God doesnt desire those things for you. And to move away, is to accept it and deal with it /them with prayer and declarations!

Peace and love ๐Ÿ™‚



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