Kingdom Relationships #1


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Is there someone called ‘THE ONE’ for me out there?

Who is even meant for me anyways?

These are alarming notions of questions growing as society is demanding seriously microwaved relationships!

I believe that the reason why relationships are fast tracked these days is because no one truly wants to be alone. There is that urge and desire to make the best out of one’s life as quickly as possible by connecting  dreams and wishes to someone else who hopefully feels the same way. And so to answer if there is really that ONE specific person in all the earth meant for your life, in reality there isn’t.

This is because, i have seen that we as people deliberately make a choice to love or not to love someone, man or woman. Love is an acquired feeling. It is not something you fall into like society has it. So as you get to know somebody, eventually you figure it out if he or she is for the long run when they match your wants, while others won’t make it past a second date. This pretty much tells me anyone can fit the bill to be the so-called ‘ONE’ depending on one’s desired qualities in a person.

What is alarming on my stance is what frame of reference does one pick their choice in a partner?.

As a born again woman or man, are you living a carefree life of choosing whoever makes your heart throb?…and how have those relationships turn out? or have they been fulfilling?

If the Son has set you free, you are free indeed! – John 8:36

I thank Christ for freedom and for choice in who to love, but aren’t we becoming to accustomed to thinking with our heart and not our head. My point really is when we think with our feelings, we are thinking temporarily. As a result, those relationship don’t mature into meaningful unions.The heart is so deceptive. We want one thing and next time the other, and it is sadly the only source that most people base their opinion in going ahead with relationships. But if you allow God to take the lead in guiding you in a purpose filled relationship, I believe he will blow your mind!. His spirit affirms who is right for you and when you REALLY LISTEN, i believe what is set apart for you no man or anything on earth can destroy.

This is what is meant by a Kingdom relationship! 🙂

God ordained, Led and Approved.

What are your thoughts? Would love to hear your comment below 🙂


Peace and Love



2 thoughts on “Kingdom Relationships #1

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  1. I have come to realize that my generation generally prefers “dating” without commitment. By this I mean marriage is not the ultimate goal. So defining what a relationship is or what dating is has become so obscured lately. Even the word LOVE is being used loosely as well. Interestingly you say we choose with our heart and not our mind. True the former with its emotions and feelings always contradicts with the latter which seeks logic and reasoning. This is were the spirit man comes in…Which is why we need to go back to the basics and use our ever eternal manual (THE BIBLE) as a guide. Yes we have free will but that choice one makes needs proper guidance from the one that knows it all – The Holy Spirit. I believe THE ONE meant for you exists.

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    1. Very true! Mind means logic and reasoning +heart means feelings! For both to be in accordance requires a higher dimension of unction…i hope when u say THE ONE you dont imply noone else is meant for them but you. As like the are designed just for you only.😉


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