Meeting Heather Lindsey!

Anyone who has read my previous posts on one of the mentors i love, would know there is no perfect moment to share about her than today! πŸ™‚


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Heather Lindsey, American Preacher

I found myself among a number of men and women from all around Africa who share the same love and motivation to come see her preach at the   CAPE TOWN revival TOUR , South Africa (27 May 2017).

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SO how did you know her? I started knowing Heather in 2014, my first year of university when i was naive and sadly lacking purpose (well actually didn’t know about it) over the Internet. It’s amazing how the world-wide web is so threatening in today’s culture and yet also ‘influencing’ for those seeking christian wisdom. In that year, all i had was a desire to know God and who He is in my life. Her ministry  changed my life from that moment because i was able to connect with her teachings in moving on from a lot of hurt issues.

It’s not that i wasn’t “saved” prior to meeting her as some would think. I remember I made the decision to accept Jesus in my life when i was 14 or 15 years old and in living my life, i would post some  encouraging material on Facebook to people about living for Christ and going for the goal and all that, but it still felt like i was pouring out from an “empty spirit” like Heather would put it. I didn’t fully comprehend what it truly meant to carry your own cross and be a real disciple of God.

I really don’t mean to imply that i am now perfect and have it together. God help me, but everyday is about dying to myself, dying to rejection, dying to hurt, dying to jealousy, dying to anger and pride through Jesus Christ (Its an on going learning). That he only is able to heal my wounds and deliver me from sin. Heather helped me confront these issues. She helped me accelerate that process at a time i was completely lost of what to do next. (A dreadful dry season).

The biggest lesson is she introduced me to the Holy Spirit. How to talk, communicate and have a relationship with him. Its amazing!. She is transparent and shares her story to everyone on her You Tube videos please check her out πŸ˜‰ . I love the fact that her obedience has made her who she is today and encourages people like her to do the same.

This is just a snippet of what i can tell you about her and has done for me but i  can go on and on i promise. lol and when God wants his will to manifest, HE will make sure his divine purpose comes to life. Meeting my mentor was one of them!


Peace and Love πŸ™‚



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