Call me selfish

Maybe I am selfish with myself…

would you blame me?

when everything that seems to be happening is working

against the knowledge instilled in me!

So many misfortunes, misdirection, mishaps,

miss..its all amiss!

It has become a condition that what the world gives,

you take,you imitate, you become,

you become the fake version of you..

and they wont tell you..

just because,

We have conditioned our minds to the patterns

of a world so perverse,

that allows deception to be the art of the day,

Power and prejudice mercilessly breeding  grown men to be

green with envy

and prone to prey,…I cry!

There is just too many lies, too much  backstabbing,

how do you protect yourself?

How do you express yourself in humility without someone

striping down an element of your vulnerability?

Its crazy right?

but you call it selfish.. when i hold my heart close to my chest…






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