My Graduation Day! – 06 April 2017

The graduation ceremony for my Tourism Program had to be the best or will forever be the most special day of my university life…. HANDS DOWN!



Tell you all about it? well, it is because of the inexplicable joy and love that bursts out from my heart because of everything that came with it. Today i graduated with a “Cum Laude” which is a term for a distinctive pass way above average, and i so happened to be the only one in my class to attain such 🙂 YES Lord! me – Rufaro, the girl aisa  nyatso nzwisisa chikoro (didn’t fully grasp school) back in high school  like on a real this testimony is one that will always be a background to my story…

 Its ok when i think about how school really may not be for everyone,  but it’s one thing that eventually moulds you into something because of the discipline involved which shapes you. Average to below average was my middle section or should i say title?

I knew it, i could see it and i even felt it that hmm…academics might just not be my strength area as much as i tried. what else could be my talent? i asked, where could i lean on? or who can help me know what is for me?. I had to look and look fast. “let me look for the hidden treasures that God talks so much about in his word i said to myself”.



I will not write to you about 5 steps to succeed or 3 ways to greatness kinda stuff because that is not what made me become me today. Its trusting God- That is it! He took my “seemed average abilities” and turned them around, dusted them over and presented them back to me with a mind-blowing standard.

“Blessed are those who trust in the Lord and have made the Lord their hope and confidence” Jeremiah 17:7

So as i walked that  stage to get that Cum Laude, my heart pounding with nerves all over, i could hear from the same inner man saying – thank you Jesus, thank you Lord!. It’s just crazy!

But for you don’t stress when you saw me take a bow straddling across, or do a random DAB when they congradulated me,or thought to hard about the way i worked my heels with oozing confidence behind madam vice- Chancellor lol. It was just me being a big girl who thought she was small but now understands her identity in Christ!. God ain’t about that small Life. 😉

Peace and Love Diary!



..”and they overcame him by the blood of the lamb and by the word of their testimony”..



Dress by: Identity, South Africa

Ankle Heels from: Shoe city



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