Love and Loved…post Valentines <3


To be in Love and be loved!…oh what a feeling

You cant describe it without putting a cheesy, oh she has fallen deep into it kind of expression. Love just has to be the most beautiful feeling 🙂




In my own understanding as young and amateur towards love i have been in my own story, i can say you can never know until you learn, until you have tested the waters, until cupid locates you at a place were you are not expecting his arrow deep and immersed inside your heart for someone. After the butterflies and flowers, the discontent and inadequacy that is when LOVE  revealed really what is for me and what isn’t.

The truth..

No one know how it works, no one knows it better. Relationships are tested and tried and only then are you able to understand if to stick around or straddle along. Some couples thrive under pressure while others can’t surpass the desires to rule over each other. Either way no one knows enough to say i have loved the best because again no one truly knows how it works you just go with it and expect the best.

To be loved or in love, when its real you will know!

Hope everyone had a great Valentines day ❤


Peace and so much love


Post dedicated to @ M.C  always fascinated by what i write. xo


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