Are you walking in the Spirit?

Have you ever come by a preacher say ‘do not be drunk with wine  but be you continuously filled with the Holy spirit’ or rather you have clearly grasped what it means from the book of all books which is the revealer of all truths?

Before i go further to elaborate in the walking of this message, you should know there are so many dimensions and ways a person would know and get to understand the things of the spirit of God. This is because, i love how the bible mentions everyone has been placed with a measure of faith – Romans 12:3  to tap into the supernatural by the means of the Holy Ghost (if and only if you allow him).So while other are revealed through revelations, dreams or visions, others pursue the knowledge by research and in christian circles.I will personally testify to numerous encounters i have had after i made the decision to persue the spirit of God.

” Ask and it shall be given to you, seek and you will find” – Mat 7;7. He is free for anyone who asks of him.

That said, what is the human body made up of?

flesh, soul and spirit!

The spirit of the Lord lives in us and has made residence in our hearts.If you believe in this, you are blessed to live in this incredible truth and reality that one day or even now he is showing and guiding you in the path of life. He is a protector when you list realise it and he brings his gifts in the midst of trials and troubles just to strengthen! and this all happens while walking in the spirit.

One thing I have come to appreciate about getting to know the Holy Spirit is that he is a perfect gentleman. He is that person who will not come into your space unless you allow him to. (Perfect!) With this understanding, walking means being in union and when you allow all that is in Him to come into your space you become more like him. You will not be in disbelieve with prophesy, speaking in tounges or  sudden feelings to  just worship because that is the nature of  the person you joined to!

If your a person who would want to understand more about the Holy spirit, encouraging you to read teachings about him from a well known author Kenneth Hagin and Benny Hinn with books like Goodmorning Holy Spirit. Trust me its life changing!


Peace and Love!




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