Just Believe *

But isn’t it wonderful  to trust and have faith in what we cannot see?

To truly let go of hidden, secret things for the sake of believing,

To challenge our own mental capacity to what is beyond reach.

Because we have been given a heart of eternity that can take it all in,

We are all pregnant with something,

something from within,

Not only the Holy Spirit, who is prompting in our times of despair,

connecting us to our Father whose always saying “come in” 

but we also have something deadly, something called sin,

A diminishing error in our minds always

always fighting to win,

trying to disqualify, invoking us to a life not worthy of justification.

But our great redeemer known for his sanctification,

will enrich his chosen ones with crowns of glory

A beautiful story to those worthy,

and prepared for a great testimony..

of leaving aside their lives and strive to birth that seed 

called purpose into existence!

Though it just wont be in an instant

Just be persistent.

-Rufaro Kuipa


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