New Year Must Do’s – Hello 2017!

First  and for most Compliments to the New Year!😁

If you managed to open this post it probably means you have weathered the past year and hopefully feeling positive to know more and gain more from all the creative writings available on this platform!

One thing I wish to have done in my high school days was literature.I am always inspired to read more and write more especially  that which motivates my own piece of work. It might have been a missed opportunity academically but i am confident that journal writing is always going to be a part of me.:)


So what is the Must do’s for 2017?

  1. Resolutions is the most common term  to make up the errors or failed goals of the previous year posed into the new year. But I want to refrain encouraging that word as people often times hold on to hopes of achieving things that become close to impossible as years go by (do away with resolutions and in with new goals!)
  2. Keep a Journal I know it’s not in everyone to scribble through everything happening in their lives  and that’s okay.(some people are walking auto records that can remember anything at a click of a finger!) but assuming you are not, there is no harm in keeping one. Journals help with :
    1. Remembering what ever you would have set your mind to do, how your going to do it and possibly when. At the end of every season or period your able to evaluate yourself  and guess what?! no one is a better critique of your own shortfalls than yourself.
    2. Building confidence. What is a  leader without a memoir? If you believe one day your going to impact the world and people will need to know about you, where better could they understand your mind than in your writings? Ok, maybe you’re not there yet but is it not a miserable idea to leave people you love without some trace of your existence? (I believe writing does that perfectly well!).
  3. Maintain a certain Faith with all the new buzz of culture and religions emerging in this world, one needs to be grounded in a belief that can guarantee you some kind of stability in facing hurdles and whirlwinds that will come with the new year.
  4. Surround yourself with good people ‘bad company corrupts good morals’ You are a reflection of your friends’. Do these sayings give you any light? People shape the person you can be but they don’t necessarily have to make you the person you are not. Emulate people with inspired characters, who are well informed and have good moral values. Get connected to people who can better your own mindset and add to your own growth. Do this and you will flourish! 
  5. Keep an eye on Opportunities There is always something ready  for someone to tap into whether it’s in business or in society. One thing I have come to understand is if you do not go after something you desire someone else will be ready to take on the challenge. (Do make sure you don’t miss out!) .Also there is  beauty in serving in the church as most people discover their God given gifts and abilities while doing the work of the Lord.Get involved and be amazed.


This 2017 one of my goals is to give away a valuable possession. ” for were your treasure is, there will your heart is also”.Mat 6;21  Actually it has become my own tradition to make sure i do not invest my mind on worldly possessions but to keep  check on what is greater which is way above! I am not of this world anyways!…😅 and so are you.

Peace and Love ❤




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