I am not impressed by what you have,

What you carry in the physical, the car you drive,
and the clean cut outfits, regardless
how my eyes see the reel’
and it may be appealing
I must say,

I am not impressed by your soft ‘touching’ words
you were hurt in the past, so what?
Is that what you hold on to, I mean subjectively is
that what defines you?

you may be able to see my humility, to search my
core and see the purity, the dignity and
the heart,
of a lady searching her way to a life of abundance
but yet,
you feel the need to test this kind of breed,
a dying soul
to the things of this world
hoping to cling to God’s chosen one with
you empty spirit!

My people suffer, because of lack of knowledge! canโ€™t you see?!
You took your, life and made it your own,
you possessions, have become your source
of oppression,
your past has become, you reality,
just because you failed to come to terms
with HE.

I am not impressed by what you have!




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