Open letter ~ Poem

Dear Man,

You do not need to tell me that i am “bone of your bone”,

or “flesh of your flesh”.

This was a notion acquired by Adam to attract Eve,

for he understood her role in his life..

a wife.

Now if im to be that which you say i am,

you will have to be a son of the Son. A man of diligence

and purpose who strives,

like Jacob you do not only believe,

but you work with your all for you to achieve . Then comes the

receiving! When i look at you dear man, your like a mirror,

one that is not broken or blurred

because your reflection is what i reciprocate!

A little bit of your image is in me,so i will not enable false intake.aviary-image-1481708070274

We are made one as the word says because i am a part of you

and you are a part of me,

so in essence we do need each other just as Adam needed Eve.

So how then will i know you?

some say you “attract who you are”. Could it then be true,

that Christ in me so are you?

Just as the reflection of the sun will shine through and penetrate from

within a mirror,

so is your diligence, willingness combined with purpose

will align to woman.

Without reason, without question Indeed then

Il be your rib



Your woman

Rufaro πŸ˜‰


Solitude has a way of making the mind creative as you reflect your own life and were you can be. Relationships have an impact on how you ultimately view the meaning of love and the kind of treatement you deserve. ButΒ God has a way of changing up worldly standards and creating queens from the less adequate!

Peace and Love



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