A Lady of Standards

Every one has something to say when they see a  figure resembling a woman and

while others have an opinion of what it means to be a woman,

some pursue to be one. 

This is one of my first poems i posted long back that just entails what it means to be a lady, to be woman, challenging some women who undervalue their worth to learn to love themselves 🙂

A lady of standards carries herself in a manner that is profound and dignified

with little or no hesitation to express herself as a goddess,
a lady, a woman, rich with care, LOVE and patience..
she knows her worth amongst hasty man,

Cunning wolves amongst fragile sheep,
she is independent, she is smart, and her beauty is from within.

They may say “just one night!’.
But a moment with her is enough, a moment with her is bold to know,

She is not just any woman, she is so much more,
more than some night stands with a couple of drinks,

more than some ridiculous words with no means.

She knows herself, she knows her Worth..
she loves herself like Christ loves the church,

no woman can match to her unless
they proclaim and set a standard and not remain the same,

under the hopeless bound
of foolish men who have
no humility, no dignity, unworthy and no shame.

A woman will remain a woman, but until then
standards of a lady
standards of a REAL lady will always be the same,
Dignified, powerful and of Christ!. 



Peace and Love



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