Get to Speak Out!

In every moment  there comes a time you will have to speak out and let somebody know!

I don’t necessarily mean going to a church and the minute  they call  out for testimonies you jump to your feet and go. Though you could, but I am talking about that moment of realisation of what you can contribute to the world through your speech, writing or actions.

aviary-image-1481267739023An author I quoted once said “It is not the darkness but the light that most frightens us, we ask ourselves who am i to be gorgeous, brilliant or talented?” Shining our own light in today’s world is surprisingly the most wanted and yet hardest thing to do.

We are our own weakness, our own worst critique! by creating barriers in our minds that stop us from acting out exactly they way we ought to do. Being in front of a crowd or a panel is a chance  to let out the POWER you already have..and what do i mean by this?


For God has not given us a spirit of Fear but of Love, Power and Sound mind!” 2 Tim:7

A fearful spirit  contradicts the spirit poured by the Lord (it should then be hold captive to the obedience of Gods word). Fear of failure,fear of disapproval, fear of the unknown is all garbage stored exactly were our creative, imaginative and opportunistic minds should come to life.

The Pic up top  : had a burning desire to share a testimony which I did in a conference at my church Glad Tidings Fellowship 🙂 

Sometimes in life we need to step out of the ordinary and impact some people in their own lives. What may seem little or plain maybe a life changing moment for someone else. Letting go of your own critical thoughts and letting somebody feel your presence with the God given qualities you have is more fulfilling than anything. Just do it!

Hope your encouraged!

Peace and Love




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