The Cross was Done

Because the cross was done,

Now we have won.

It’s not because we were born in a line of heavenly royalty,

that we have all that we need.     aviary-image-1481704435981

It was the Lord’s mercy that fell upon us

while in the depths of unworthy, unworthy sin.

Just at the right time He loved,

because of the cross now we have won!

Sin is not just living unrighteously, its destructive

if you let it be,

Be not of this world but of God’s glory

as you imitate the Father who sent his Son.

Who endured a shameful death out of sympathy,

to unlock mine and your victory.

Because of his profound grace,

we are no longer subject to iniquity!

Given access to the crown of life,

Sin having no dominion over us,

Authority over the enemy,

He indeed has Won!

We have been made heirs in a line of

Heavenly royalty

princes and princesses  and our Father

the Almighty King!

so yes..

We will take full possession,

in awe and appreciation

to the riches we have been given

because of the cross.



I recited this poem at a youth closing  function at Kelway Hotel in Port Elizabeth. i love honouring and exhalting the Lord by giving him praises through writing 🙂




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