Journal entry 2

Dear Diary,

There is something about finding comfort in the presence of the Lord after facing a turmoil of feelings and anxiety. It totally relates to the verse :

Come to me all those who are troubled, for i will give you rest“. Mat 11:28

When I become too consumed in my thoughts sometimes i realise that i become a little restless, and this happens when I’m going through a transition or a phase in my life. A transition can be when i have to make important decisions about what to do next whether its school or getting a job or moving to a different city. Most of the times i cannot make those decisions alone!

Come to think of it, God orchestrates certain people in my life. He always ensures placing the necessary people at the right time in my path in order to get me by, because honestly speaking I cannot imagine the wrong decisions i would have made and regretted  if it wasn’t for their presence. So i am really grateful for my family and friends. I remember this year i had to go for an internship but had not gotten a place yet anywhere and time was running out. The only place i knew that i would get a chance was way below standard and a bit off the curriculum. What to do,what to do?

I am that type of person who has a serious procrastination syndrome that i need to let go In Jesus’ Name! A 6 months program turned to 5 because i couldn’t reach a conclusion until my Mom knocked some sense into me. That being said, Its important to be surrounded by positive influential people and for me i know that is a big testimony. I will not even start about my mentor @Heather Lindsey  who i will get to write about another day 🙂

3 Things i have learned this year:

  1. God will always be my resting place
  2. Procrastination is a deadly syndrome
  3. Positive motivators are a necessity in my life


Peace and Love from your dearest





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