Basic Custard Tart (homemade)

Happy Holidays 🙂 !


The concept of a Tart is something I got interested in from Quiche making  which I will do soon  but for this post  I will just inform on some of the important things for a perfect home made custard tart 🙂


There are 2 most Critical things I concluded from my first experience of making a custard tart :

  1. Fat to Flour ~ Correct ratios are essential for any type of baking from cakes, biscuits, pastries or plain scones. If you miss it on ratios results could be either to crusty, flaky or tough and even a flop! ( the normal ratio for tart pastry is half fat to flour)

  2. The Right Tin~ There are different tins for baking for the simple reason of quality in appearance and maybe overall texture. It is difficult to cut through a slice of tart baked in a round cake tin without destroying the aluminum of the tin.

My very first Tart…

inappropriate Tin 😦

Obviously you can see it’s good to invest in a tin like this 22cm round Tart tin if your going to be baking a lot of this yummy dessert 🙂 as it allows your tart to slipout  with ease and still maintain its shape like the pic on the right..




I’l be doing different tarts that i will post images on soon and some Christmas goodies! Click the link below for one of my trusted networks for easy recipes also to make it more original you can edit the ingredients like lemon or nutmeg and substitute to suit your own taste Custard Tart 

Thanks for reading!

Peace and Love

Rufaro 🙂




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