Journal entry 1

Dear Diary,

So i have decided to put a piece of you online and talk about a lot of things that swirl in my mind.. things to do with what makes living worth it, Love perhaps or just my idealistic view to the World.

I woke up today thinking of John Legend’s music. Actually, trying to get out of bed, it hit me over and over that his sensitive,soulful lyrics has a way of touching my mind and possibly my heart. I can date back his music to a lot of emotional moments I went through  from that excitement of new found love to dreadful heartaches that eventually turned sour. His always been there!.(Sob).


Music has this element of Power over people ( well if you allow it). It penetrates mostly through our emotional senses and no wonder some folks say its Mind Controlling. I’m glad I passed through an inspirational book called Purpose Awakening by  Toure Roberts who mentioned that “every idea is birthed in the mind”. Our actions and reactions towards any thing that we come across in life is a result of ideas that are made in our subliminal mindsets. Lyrical and instrumental notions from artists bring out sentimental feelings : love, happiness, even anger and bitterness to name a few,are all stored in the mind as you sing or appreciate song writers. It gets even interesting when the music totally relates with how you feeling that day or the emotional turmoil faced in that week or month or even years on end. Have you had that special song sometimes when it plays you cant help but cry, laugh or feel crazy all of a sudden?

Oh well, its obvious my love for J.L comes from a romantic sentiment 🙂 lol and hopefully does not make me a hopeless one.But I will just share with you 3 more reasons :

  1. He is extremely talented – writer and singer! ❤
  2. He is a family man – high 5 to Chrissy for the win
  3. He plays the piano – very passionate about keys

Anyways its a beautiful day outside. I have a whole lot of things to work on. Talk to you soon,

Peace and Love

Rue  🙂




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