In Love with you

I think i am in love and truly speaking

I do not want to go back…

I was living this life, a life so unworthy of commitment,

patience and endurance all in the name of “Love”

And yet what is Love?

Blinded by my own knowledge, I didn’t know

the complexity and deep

emotions involved when you combine 1 + 1.

I have my faith complete, (or so I thought)

1 Corinthians 13 just about made sense

Love is patient, love is kind,

Ultimately It’s just good enough… (well for me) but what about He?

I really need to keep this relationship

To keep this love flowing between me and Him.

But what do I know

Or rather comprehend?

This one sided relationship is all me, it is all my intuition,

I couldn’t bring my self to submit on listening to my other half,

who kept voicing out a silent

Prayer on my behalf.

He is no one I can ever compare too,

he won’t even fight my lack of understanding and reasoning to be equal.

He’s patience is so deep and unconditional,

He loves me. 🙂

It’s funny though, the way we communicate, some might say

It is totally unheard of..

But that is what makes us stronger every day,

we elaborate in black and white,

Not hearing from him talk greatness upon my life is an agony that cripples

My means of existence, and yet i am  so filled with ignorance,

I feel safe in his arms.

I confess, I really do love you, I can’t let you go,

For I have learned you are always there, listening, waiting and concerned

You are my solid rock, my counselor, you are constant,

i appreciate you .

As I learn to hear your soft tender voice, each and

every moment, I impose a

decrease of me and my selfish ways and increase of you

You who is greater

Who is patient and love

endures forever?

I Love you.

Holy Spirit 🙂

-Rufaro Kuipa


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