A Pillar That makes Relationships- Communication

One of the Pillars that make a good Relationship - COMMUNICATION.   I think the greatest failure when trying to form meaningful relationships is the lack of vulnerability that comes with communicating. If one is not honest enough about how they feel and what they think, chances are that energy will pass on to how... Continue Reading →


2018 Perspective

As we go deep into the year, we take in all that is set before us, while others we are still yet to figure it out. One thing i love about the race course is that each and everyone is running their own race. That means the only competition we have is ourselves, to be... Continue Reading →

Is He/She Qualified?

What are some of the qualities you look for in a potential somebody? In no respective order, these are answers i have gotten over the years engaging in conversation with guys and girls of my age (Oh by the way i turned 24 yesterday, happy birthday to me:) A good/great body educated  fun respectful easy-going... Continue Reading →

Stop watching others and Grind!

This topic is a precept of a book i read years ago from one of my favourite authors Tony Gaskins, who is a life coach with years of relationship experience. Some times its better to know when you have become a little complacent attracting the wrong attention. Waking up first thing in the morning, my... Continue Reading →

They Called me up Now what??

I sat across a table going over the same resume i sent a company, only this time my hands were shaking i barely could read what i was qualified for. Its 2018!,  some companies are buzzing searching for new talent and and the one thing you do not want to be asking yourself is who... Continue Reading →

Be woke on Purpose :)

Purpose... This is probably the most spoken word i know when you engage in modern religious circles. Business, music or sport all put it in their different context to understand the ultimate goal or comprehend why we do what we do. I myself may actually go blank to thought of having to answer to that... Continue Reading →

Two sides to ‘You’ Coin

Have you ever felt like this is definitely not me! because on a different occasion you would most likely not act in a certain way. Being someone who observes a lot and very self-aware, i can truly tell you of my own personal experience. Here it is.. Growing up young and free, i thought i... Continue Reading →


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